Frequently asked questions

We’re happy to answer all your questions about our custom titanium bikes. Here are a few that have come up many times.

In the works

Here’s what we’re currently working on. Expect the finished products in our gallery within a few months.

The Best Dreams Don’t Involve Sleep: A Race Across America Story.

How 8 athletes, 4 of them blind, made history racing across America.

El Burro’s Kickass Adventure

A gravel bikepacking tandem named El Burro embarks on a tour across Colorado via mountain passes and dirt roads less traveled.

Tandem in Tucson

Tandem in Tucson

Off-Road Venture

Introducing Granite Tandem Design (now Cycles Chinook).

Design Your Next Adventure

With a custom tandem that is built just for two.

Travel Together

Turning a tandem into a bicycle built for three.

tandem design

What it means to have a custom built tandem made just for you (and your favorite riding partner):

It all starts with you and what you want. We’re here to listen, take notes and transform your ideas into a custom tandem. Primarily, we serve riders that dream big, are pushing the limits of the industry, and are looking to bridge the gap between their ambitions and their current set up.

Cycles Chinook is established to create tandems (and components) that are better suited for our most memorable rides: travel, racing, touring, mud, bumps and growing families. Your adventures are our design perimeters.

We design the frame’s geometry based on your fit and handling preferences. The frame’s tire clearance; mounting features for bottles, racks, fenders, and bags; and other specifications are determined by your current needs and future plans.  We’ll work with you to map out component specs that best suit your lifestyle and budget.

purpose built

gravel bikepacking

Clearance for wide tires (700c x 41mm; 650b x 51mm or 29 x 3.0″ or 26 x 5.1″ tires), numerous braking options, along with a durable, low q-factor cranks, frame-bag mounting bosses, couplers (if desired) all on a light-weight titanium frame. Cycles Chinook prepares you for exploring roads less traveled. 


Designed to meet your specific goals and geometry, Cycles Chinook works hands-on to incorporate the right design elements to help riders reach their full potential. Light-weight and aerodynamic components are mapped out to provide customers with the best value for their investment.


Strong, durable and adaptable. Rack mounts, braze-ons, and travel couplers are standard features, making it easier to head out on your next big adventure. With all the adaptability, the hardest thing is deciding where to go. Check out our travel blog for inspirations and ideas!

little stokers

Riding as a family usually means being flexible. We believe family tandems should be built to go with the flow. The telescoping seat tube option allows stoker heights of 3-feet to 6-feet, with enough flexibility in the captain’s seat for riders approx. 5-feet to 6-feet plus.

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