Frame Couplers

2 sets of couplers. A tandem with 2 sets of couplers costs a little more upfront, but pays for itself in a couple of flights. We recommend 1 S&S hardcase and 1 S&S softcase with this option. Within your baggage allowance, these always fly free. A bonus with 2 sets of couplers is that the front half of the bike can be removed without adjusting the sync chain, which can be handy for quick train or car trips.


1 set of couplers. A tandem with 1 set of couplers packs quickly into an EVOC XL or Thule Round Trip Pro single bike case. The advantages over no couplers are: case fits in a taxi; can fit the bike in a trunk, train, or boat if needed. Domestic airlines charge $75 and up per flight with these cases. $150/flight is typical for transatlantic travel.

Post-mount disc brake

IS Mount Disc brake – the preferred choice for travel bikes with full hydraulic brakes


Linear pull brake mounts


Downtube cable adjusters

Pump Peg

Chain hanger

Cable splitters



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